Natural wooden eco friendly furniture by ITALForm design (about us)


Eco-friendly Italian furniture made of solid wood

ITALform design's furniture is made in Italy
Made in Italy

ITALform design is a company born in Bologna, Italy.
All of our products are made by artisans with many years of experience in the Italian manufactory.
Our furniture is both modern and traditional: it is “Italian design in a Zen soul”.

ITALform design uses only FSC certificated wood
Real Wood

Our furnishing is made of solid European woods, with a “finger joint” system that ensures the best stability.
We choose this kind of woods for its amazing qualities and its fast growth rate.
According to the Greenpeace complaints, we cater only to lumber suppliers with FSC certification.

ITALform design is solutions to optimize your space
Solutions to optimize your space

Our long experience taught us that every environment can meet your needs, even the smaller one.
We combine the smartest space-saving solutions and the best raw materials, to provide you modern and functional furniture.
We have developed and patented two main products:
– the Impero beds, with high structures that hide huge storage compartments;
– the Rising loft, with electrically adjustable height.

ITALform design wooden furniture is reliable

The ancient Italian tradition in manufactury has only one rule: furniture must last generations and be passed from hand to hand, from parents to children.
We believe in quality raw materials, smart design and – above all – in our artisans:
ITALform design products will stand the test of time.