Impero Bed with 8 drawers A

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Impero space-saving beds are the container beds according to Cinius: a high structure in solid beech wood that conceals a large space-saving compartment underneath.
The Impero bed exceeds the classic height of standard container beds: a very high bed does not occupy a lot of space, it’s aesthetically pleasing and it’s compatible with a wide range of removable drawers of various sizes.
We use the part under the bed in an intelligent and practical way!
Shoji sliding doors slide on guides milled with a Japanese technique that guarantees a sealing effect, that makes the underneath storage space dust-proof.
If the intended use is a real wardrobe, we recommend the Impero bed with sliding doors (see).
For the structure of the Impero bed with front drawers, we recommend the tatami (see): its texture allows you to lay the mattress directly on top, allowing good transpiration and at the same time obtaining a dustproof container bed.
It is however possible to equip the Impero bed with slatted base or perforated wooden top.
On both sides of the bed you can combine different types of ladders (see); the parapet is optional, but highly recommended.
The Impero bed can be placed next to a wall, positioned in a corner of the room or embedded in a niche: the project can be customized to measure to the centimeter.
Topping up the sheets is extremely simple: you no longer need to bend down!
In case of insertion of the Impero bed in a corner or in a niche, it is advisable to request a larger structure of the mattress to facilitate the reinforcement of the sheets.
Note that such a high bed may seem smaller than normal, but it is only an optical effect.

The drawers are equipped with Blum guides with soft closing
The internal body of the drawers is in birch plywood, ideal for stability, while the front and the external body are in solid lamellar beech wood.
The handles can be: narrow central / wide central / wide with a high thread, they are made of wood with a particular shape that makes it easy to grip.
It is possible to put the drawers in various heights and on any side of the bed, excluding the point where the stairs should be positioned.
Note: if the drawers are placed on all sides of the bed, it will no longer be possible to access the inside area of the bed.
The depth of the drawers is 50 cm
If there are very irregular floors ask for drawer units with adjustable feet otherwise for small irregularities just thicken with felt pads.

• Space-saving container in solid lamellar beech wood
• Registered product (patented)
• Available in raw wood or in various colors (see)
• Treated on request with natural impregnating oils
• Also available custom-made

We are often asked how we designed these container beds and receive a lot of compliments. But actually the idea came from a Tuscan customer who asked us to produce a 1 meter high bed because he wanted to see the view outside the window while lying comfortably. Thanks to his input we started working on a new concept, and the Impero bed came to life.
We love challenges and even if until then the maximum height achieved was about 50/60 cm we decided to take on the challenge.
Unfortunately, the first results were disappointing: in the laboratory normally the prototypes were assembled and put into trial and the structure had no stability, there were problems of noise and
vibrations. We increased the stirrups, the reinforcements but the problem persisted.
We were at the end of July 2015 and the prototype of the high bed remained assembled but unused in the warehouse and we could not find a solution, then like all the great solutions the idea arrived at a moment of vacation to our designer (Fabio Fenili)
We just needed to put a drawer or a piece of furniture at the foot of the bed for all the problems to disappear.

This specific solution is characterized by:
8 front drawers with middle handle;
2 sliding side Shoji doors, which runs on silent Shoji mechanisms;
2 Scala Yen bookcases with 4 drawers and bookshelf (47,24″W x 25,59″D x 43,31″H);
2 plexiglass safety railings;
 a quilted headboard made of white eco-leather.
Made of solid laminated beech wood and with tatami mat, it can be tailored.

California King with tatami → 73,23″ x 88,98″ x 37,01″H with tatami mat, suggested California King mattress
King with tatami → 81,10″ x 81,10″ x 37,01″H with tatami mat, suggested King mattress
Queen with tatami → 65,35″ x 81,10″ x 37,01″H with tatami mat, suggested Queen mattress

Impero beds can be tailored: send an e-mail to to request a customized project!
Pictures and measures are highly appreciated.

4-8 weeks of waiting. You will be contacted after the purchase about the delivery time (or if we have some ready-to-sell).


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