Rising Loft Bed

Electronically adjusted in height. 

Designed for those who need to increase the amount of space available.
The height of the Rising loft bed can be adjusted electronically. When the loft is raised, you have free access to the space below.
When the loft is lowered the bed can be easily accessed.

  • Mezzanine in solid laminated beech
  • Electrically adjustable in height
  • Tailor-made
  • High-quality raw materials
  • Available in raw wood or in various colors (see)
  • Treatment with natural impregnating oils

With Cinius loft beds everything becomes easy.

Looking for the perfect space-saving wooden loft for your studio? Do you want a bunk bed for your children but do not want to face expensive and complicated masonry? With the loft beds of Cinius furnishing home becomes easier!

Born for those who have little space available, the Rising Loft Bed goes beyond the simple space-saving: being adjustable in height electrically, you have free access to the area below the bed when it is raised.
It is therefore an ideal loft bed for those who do not have high ceilings.
The columns go from floor to ceiling, so the Rising Loft Bed can be placed anywhere in the room.
In solid laminated beech, it is made to measure.
The Rising Loft Bed is ideal for rooms with high ceilings less than 126 in (otherwise, we recommend the “Yen Loft Bed”).


As support for the mattress are used Tatami, which are:

  • walkable;
  • breathable;
  • thermal acoustic insulators;
  • easy to clean.

We recommend the “Modular Cubic Staircase” (standard height 47 in, customizable on request), a modern furniture that is both convenient access to the loft bed and bookcase/ chest of drawers.
The maximum potential of the Rising Loft Bed is expressed when designing a loft “wall to wall”.
In this case, the columns will be placed against the walls and will not hinder the space below.
In addition, just push a button and the loft bed stops at the preset height: there is no need to move the furniture below.
Only the Rising Loft Bed – exclusive Cinius – can transform a room from night to day!

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