Wooden beds by ITALform design, header


Natural eco friendly wooden bed (Aurora with headboard and nightstands)
Aurora (starting from 770$)
  • magnetic free
  • also tailored
Box space saving bed by ITALform design
Box (starting from 1863$)
  • large space saving storage bed
  • lift-up slatted base with piston mechanism
Storage space saving bed, functional (Comodo)
Comodo (starting from 2079$)
  • suitable for rollable slatted and tatami mat
  • also tailored
Dojo wooden low bed by ITALform design
Dojo (starting from 1069$)
  • low bed with tatami mat
  • also tailored
Dojo H wooden low bed by ITALform design
Dojo H (starting from 1329$)
  • low bed with feet and tatami mat
  • also tailored
Wooden bed, eco friendly (Isola)
Isola (starting from 1675$)
  • magnetic free low bed
  • also tailored
Solid bed of sustainable materials and hardwood (Kyoto)
Kyoto (starting from 1299$)
  • magnetic free low bed
  • 4 different kinds of feet
  • also tailored
Wooden bed hand crafted (Linear)
Linear (starting from 1899$)
  • with headboard and footboard
  • also tailored
Hand crafted solid hardwood wooden bed (Loto)
Loto (starting from 4900$)
  • heat-curved beech wood
  • sophisticated design
Luna wooden low bed by ITALform design
Luna (starting from 1789$)
  • low bed with tatami mat and hidden feet
  • also tailored
Maru wooden bed by ITALform design
Maru (starting from 2375$)
  • soft and magnetic free design
  • also tailored
Nokido wooden low bed by ITALform design
Nokido (starting from 574$)
  • low bed with tatami mat
  • also tailored
Hand crafted bed, natural and wooden (Onda)
Onda (starting from 3115$)
  • “cradle design” bed with integrated headboard
  • also tailored
Sustainable materials natural bed (Tatami-Bed)
Tatami-Bed (starting from 1174$)
  • the first wooden frame for tatami mat ever
  • also tailored
Solid hardwood hand crafted bed (Tokyo F)
Tokyo F (starting from 889$)
  • low bed with innovative geometric joint system “frame to feet”
  • also tailored