Natural sustainable materials bed (Tatami-Bed header)


The Tatami-Bed is the first model designed specifically for tatami: born in 1985, it has now become a classic.
Before it, the very concept of Japanese bed did not exist: the tatami were placed directly on the floor or on wooden slats.
The Tatami-Bed is also magnetic free and can be purchased with the wooden Kibo headboard and a couple of wooden nightstands with drawer and tatami mat.
Made of solid laminated beech wood.

King with tatami → 85,04″ x 81,10″ x 7,87″H with tatami mat, suggested King mattress

Queen with tatami → 73,23″ x 81,10″ x 7,87″H with tatami mat, suggested Queen mattress

Full XL with tatami → 65,35″ x 81,10″ x 7,87″H with tatami mat, suggested Full XL mattress

Natural sustainable materials bed (Tatami-Bed basic)
Tatami-Bed basic
  • only bed structure with tatami mat
Natural sustainable materials bed (Tatami-Bed with headboard and nightstands)
Tatami-Bed with headboard and nightstands
  • bed structure with tatami mat
  • wooden Kibo headboard
  • couple of wooden nightstands with drawer and tatami mat