About Us

SPAZIOBED Young is a new space-saving bedroom concept for children and teenagers. The single bed version combines the creativity of a loft bed with a wide range of drawers, pull-out elements, and sliding doors which reveal new and useful spaces.

SPAZIOBED Young is available in either untreated wood or a variety of tints, can be treated on request with natural finishing oils, and includes a mattress foundation of a tatami mat, slats, or breathable wood platform.


Our long experience taught us that every environment can meet your needs, even the smaller one. We combine the smartest space-saving solutions and the best raw materials, to provide you modern and functional furniture that has been patented.


We specialize in custom-made solutions to meet any of your needs. Our products are handmade upon request which allows for extended client input on what their needs are.


Our products are made by expert wood workers in our factory in Bologna, Italy. Our furnishing is made of solid European woods, with a “finger joint” system that ensures the best stability. We choose this kind of wood for its amazing qualities and its fast growth rate. We only use lumber suppliers with FSC certification.


The Italian tradition of manufactory has only one rule: furniture must last generations and be passed from hand to hand, from parents to children. We believe in quality raw materials, smart design and – above all – in our artisans: ITALform design products will stand the test of time.